Day 4, 5 & 6 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

3 days of success-ish. Weekends are the hardest when you are eating healthy; all the booze, the need to eat greasy carby food. But I have had willpower on the latter at least.

Day 4.

Starting the day with a simple bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt is always a win. Simple, small and really quick to get ready on a weekday.

For lunch (as I was WFH), I had scrambled egg and avocado. Scrambled eggs are always a winner, although I would normally like to have some toast, I decided not to so I could have naan bread later hehe.


Rory passed his penultimate exam today which calls for a celebration (any excuse right). So instead of ordering an Indian, we decided to try out Aldi’s Dopiaza curry sauce. If you haven’t tried their new range of curry’s yet I highly suggest you do. They have a spice mix on top for your meat or veg, and then a sauce. Really tasty and delicious.

We fried off some baby corn, peppers, onion and chicken, then added the sauce and let it simmer away for 20 minutes. Served with pilau rice (microwavable Aldi special), and a cheeky piece of naan bread.


One of the reasons my diets always fail is because I say i’m not allowed lots of foods. This is just a recipe for failure. I like to think of it now as everything in moderation. Having naan bread isn’t a sin, it may not be healthy and it definitely wont help me lose weight (nor will the 3 glasses of prosecco I drank), but it will keep me sane!

As I knew I would be having a larger dinner, I made sure I chose meals with low calories for breakfast and lunch, and with the booze I still didn’t go over my calorie limit. Bonus!

Day 5.

Woke up feeling pretty rough, but decided to go to the gym and work off the hangover. So glad I did this! Really motivated this morning, had a really good rig session and some extra step ups and a short run on the treadmill. Boom.

Scrambled eggs and avocado for a protein kick breakfast. Had a lot of errands to run in town so headed over about lunch time. Didn’t really have chance to have any food so I just had a go ahead bar and special k bar to keep me going.

I bought a cook book; Hairy Dieter’s Vegetarian. Really glad I did! Full of amazing vegetarian recipes that all sound fantastic. Really recommend this book. Got it from the works and only cost £6 so bonus.

I tried the Sweet potato saag aloo. Was a little worried it wouldn’t be very nice, or that it wouldn’t be enough but it was actually really tasty. Full of flavours and the sweet potato was a really nice change to the traditional saag aloo.

saag aloo

Then it all went downhill. One of my best friends birthdays, so, many many many shots and drinks were downed in rapid succession.

Day 6.

As you may expect I woke up feeling pretty rotten this morning. Because of this I had a slice of toast with low salt spreadable on it. Perfecto. For lunch I had a brown high fibre bread roll with what I hoped would be a nice tomato and vegetable soup. But it wasn’t very nice so I just had a bread roll.

Fajitas for dinner, been craving them all week! Chicken, peppers and onions, topped with Avocado salsa, cheese and light sour cream. All wrapped up in a tortilla wrap. Nom!

avocado salsafajitas

So a pretty successful weekend even if I did have several beverages I shouldn’t have had.

Bring on tomorrow!


Day 3 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

Working from home gives me a lot of temptations, thankfully I have no unhealthy food in, but the shop is round the corner. I held strong and started my day with grapefruit again. Then later on I felt peckish and had a banana 🍌. Really riveting stuff this is, but it helps me keep focus if I have to tell the truth on here hehe 😇😇.

Lunch was spaghetti meatballs again, half the normal portion of pasta (40g), and plenty of sauce. Absolutely delicious, love spaghetti meatballs 🍝. Although it’s pretty much impossible to eat spaghetti gracefully, like seriously, how is it everywhere!

spaghetti meatballs

The rest of the day went quite fast, busy at work and had my puppy to entertain me. Pouring down with rain all day, it continued while we walked Flash in Drinkwater park. If you live in Manchester and haven’t been to Drinkwater park yet you need to get your butt down there. Situated on the western boarder of Prestwich, a beautiful walk that is just so peaceful and lovely. Flash dashes in and out of the bushes and once I even saw some deer!

I din’t really feel motivated for the gym, but as i won’t be going tomorrow I decided to bite the bullet and go. A Pure FatBurn 💪 class, not as hard as I was expecting, felt a little disappointed tbh.

Afterwards I went on the stair machine. Now this machine that circles about 5 steps is like a staircase to hell for me. Honestly, 2 minutes and I was wiped out. The woman next to me was on a much faster setting and had been for 38 minutes!! I have a long way to go till I can do that 😂😂.

Drove home due to the sheer force of rain pelting down outside. Chopped up some veg quickly and chucked it in a pan. Added some sweet chilli and soy sauce and bang a smashing dinner. If you want the full recipe and not my Joe Wicks version check it out here.


Another day complete. Boom. Bring on tomorrow…so excited for that glass of wine 🍷


Day 2 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

Busy, busy, busy day! Started my day with fresh grapefruit. I love red grapefruit, being 92% water it has so many health benefits! Grapefruit has several properties linked to weight loss, including its fibre content helping you to feel full while reducing calorie intake.


I started getting pretty peckish around 12pm so I had a bowl of fruit (raspberries, grapes and strawberries) with low fat cranberry and raspberry yoghurt to keep me going till lunch time. Trying to drink more water through the day and decrease the amount of tea I drink (oh but I do love a good cuppa tea).

Lunchtime came around slowly today, feeling the hunger I had a jam-packed salad full of fresh veg and potatoes. I love salad in summertime, but now we are getting into colder weather I would much prefer soup to salad. Counteracting this, I heated the broccoli and potato up and it was delicious.

Check out the salad I had today, easy to put together, and just 15 minutes of prep. Simples!


Finishing work slightly late, I missed the gym class unfortunately, but this didn’t stop me. I walked to the gym (1.8 miles) with all my work gear, and then dropped my bags off with Rory and complete a Pure Tone class.

A new class for me, and I was pleasantly surprised. It consisted of 4 exercises of 20 seconds each, then a 30 second break (jogging on spot), repeat 4 times. This was done with 4 sets of exercises (legs, arms, all body and abs). A good core workout was what I needed when I was still feeling sore from the day before.

Got home to Rory cooking a delicious spaghetti meatballs from the Slimming world collection, with a few tweaks. Will post this adapted version next week, so keep an eye out.

Another great day, now let’s see what day 3 brings!


Easy peasy vegetarian salad

Easy peasy vegetarian salad

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • 3 new potatoes
  • 1 medium egg
  • 1 cup of lettuce
  • 3 Cherry tomatoes
  • 4 thick cucumber slices
  • ¼ red pepper
  • ½ avocado
  • 100g tenderstem broccoli
  • 1 spring onion
  • 1 tbsp light mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp of light Caesar dressing


Fill a pan with cold water and add 3 new potatoes and an egg, put on the stove with the lid on and bring to boiling point. Once boiling, turn heat down to simmer and set timer for 9 minutes.

While this simmers you can prep the actual salad. Roughly chop some lettuce (I use iceberg and spinach), a few tomatoes, some cucumber, peppers, avocado and anything else you fancy chucking in, the world is your oyster 🥗.

When the timer goes off, scoop the egg out and plunge into a bowl of cold water. Leave the potatoes to simmer for another 5 minutes.

After the 5 minutes are up, add your tenderstem broccoli and set timer for 3 minutes. Tap the egg shell all round with the back of a teaspoon and peal. Cut in half and place on plate.

Roughly chop some spring onions and place in a bowl. Add the light mayonnaise. Once the potatoes are cooked (should feel easy to put a knife through), roughly chop these up and mix with the onion/mayo mix. Add this and the broccoli to your plate, whatever dressing you desire and enjoy.

Simple salad that tastes delicious and has plenty of benefits for you. I prep this for lunch, and leave the egg smashing and potato salad mix for the next day.

Day 1 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

My day started with a sharp wakeup call from my puppy Flash, eager for a walk. A short drive to work followed by a bowl of low fat raspberry yoghurt filled with grapes, strawberries and raspberries. I’m not a big breakfast fan so yoghurt and some fruit is usually my go to breakfast at work.

fruit and yoghurt - breakfast

Lunch time was my big meal for the day 🤤, leftover homemade green thai curry with half basmati rice and half quinoa (I like white rice too much to go all out just yet). Full of veggies including baby corn, peppers, sugar snap peas, tenderstem broccoli (the king of veg) and spinach. [image from dinner last night]

thai green chicken curry

Late afternoon I started getting really peckish, so I had a quick go-ahead snack bar (3 slices forest fruits), not the healthiest due to the sugar content, but gave me the sugar rush I needed to get me through the rest of the afternoon and no excuse to not hit the gym (even though I did leave my trainers at home like a doilum!)

After work, it was time to kick my butt into gear, a short 7-minute run to the gym🏃‍♀️, a 30-minute circuit class which included slam balls, wall sits, burpees, kettle bell swings and many more torturous stations.

circuit class

Sweat pouring everywhere, I ran the short journey home🏃‍♀️. I prefer to keep my workout short and sweet, circuits are the best for me as I like various exercises, I have a short attention span and get bored of working out really easily. Trainers help me keep in the zone and quick changes keeps me on my toes.

For dinner, I cooked a simple omelette filled with light cheese, peppers, red onion, tomatoes and spinach paired with tenderstem broccoli and some cucumber. Simple but delicious, full of protein and really quick to cook.

Today = success 💪. Let’s hope for many more days like this!


30 days clean eating challenge blog takeover

Summer has ended *sob*, but still I don’t have the beach body I desire *wahhh*. This year has flown by, like seriously where did it go? With Christmas just around the corner I have decided to take action and instead of moaning about my clothes not fitting, I’m going to actually do something about it.

Now I am not fat, by any stretch of the imagination, but I definitely have extra weight which is making it difficult to keep my jeans done up all day. Anyone who knows me, knows my struggle with this (like seriously, why must they always need be undone). I don’t have an endless supply of money to buy new jeans / an entire new wardrobe (as much as I wish I did). Instead, I am going to eat clean, exercise regularly and really focus my efforts for the next 30 days (bring on November!).

Hijacking the Chefwynd blog, I will use this platform to winge and moan about how torturous it is to eat clean hehe. I kid. I will use this blog to share with you recipes, exercises, routines and general health and fitness tips and tricks along my journey, hopefully motivating myself to stay strong and keep going.

I would love it if other people were on a similar journey to comment and help keep me focused. We can motivate each other, share recipes and training tips (seriously, I need all the help I can get!).

Expect to see recipes, clean eats, workout ideas, a few moans and groans and hopefully plenty of progress! Watch this space.


You should Try Thai

So, May happened. The month, not the person (June was nearly the end of May. Ha). Third year of University; so much tougher than I ever imagined! But it is all over. The best four years of my life so far. I loved almost every minute of it; the late nights in the library however, maybe not… but the friends I have made and the things I have learnt have truly inspired me to learn more.

Anyway, enough about my future career prospects, and back to food because I have a lot of catching up to do! I believe I have found the best Thai restaurant in Manchester. I don’t say that lightly, I believe this restaurant is the best in terms of quality, price and staff combined, to deliver a truly fantastic experience. The food is divine, the staff are so lovely and helpful and the location is perfect. Everyone should Try Thai.


I have been to Try Thai a few times now as well as many other Thai restaurants across Manchester (although not all, so don’t hold me to this statement), but it really outshines all others. Located on the edge of China Town and Canal Street, opposite a lovely grass green park within a short walk from the city centre. Try Thai impresses all with the atmosphere of a busy restaurant filled with delicious smells of spicy Thai food.

I should probably tell you about the food rather than blabbing about the restaurant itself. A classic Thai restaurant, there are pictures of the food. I love this, some people find it tacky or false advertising if the food isn’t the same (aka. McDonalds), but I don’t. I love it, I think it adds authenticity. Unfortunately, I have never been to Thailand, so I can’t compare the food to traditional Thai food, but I can compare against other Thai food I have cooked and eaten out. Rory however has been to Thailand, as has his sister Anna, and both raved about this restaurant, so I’m using these two as my guide to authenticity.


To start with we ordered some Thai prawn crackers and dips for the table along with a delicious cocktail for me and a beer for Rory. We shared two starters, the satay chicken skewers and the battered king prawns in penang sauce which was divine! The batter was light, crispy and the penang sauce had just the right amount of spice to sweetness for my taste buds. A perfect amount to open our palettes ready for the feast of curry to come.

Satay chicken skewers – £5.50
Battered King Prawn in Penang Sauce – £6.50
Rory ordered a bottle of wine to share, a little overzealous after the surprisingly strong cocktail (another plus) I had barely finished. For mains, Rory chose a crispy chicken fillet with penang curry. This choice includes the rice unlike most Thai curries. Lightly deep fried chicken served with a similar penang curry to the king prawns, with a side of vegetables and egg fried rice. Rory described the curry as packed with flavour, plenty of spice but no burning throats or runny noses, the chicken was crispy and well-cooked and all the flavours complimented each other well.

Crispy Chicken Fillet with Penang Curry – £12.95
Normally when I eat Thai food I choose a green Thai curry, however as I had already had this here I decided to mix it up and ordered a King Prawn (shock horror) jungle curry. What a tantalising mix of heat, spices and creaminess! The king prawns were divine, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. The sauce was full of flavour as you expect from a Thai curry. A few too many mushrooms for my taste but generally a very delicious dish. I ordered this with sticky rice, which matched the curry perfectly. I crave sticky rice on a daily basis, it really is the most delicious rice form!

King prawn jungle curry – £10.95 / Sticky rice – £3
There we have it. The best Thai restaurant in Manchester I have eaten at to date. I highly recommend anyone visiting Manchester, or around the area to book a table (and I recommend you book, it’s been full every time I have been), and enjoy the truly authentic experience! Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I promise not to disappear for so long again! Have you had any truly incredible Thai food (or indeed anything else)? If so let me know, I am always on the lookout for new restaurants to try.