You should Try Thai

So, May happened. The month, not the person (June was nearly the end of May. Ha). Third year of University; so much tougher than I ever imagined! But it is all over. The best four years of my life so far. I loved almost every minute of it; the late nights in the library however, maybe not… but the friends I have made and the things I have learnt have truly inspired me to learn more.

Anyway, enough about my future career prospects, and back to food because I have a lot of catching up to do! I believe I have found the best Thai restaurant in Manchester. I don’t say that lightly, I believe this restaurant is the best in terms of quality, price and staff combined, to deliver a truly fantastic experience. The food is divine, the staff are so lovely and helpful and the location is perfect. Everyone should Try Thai.


I have been to Try Thai a few times now as well as many other Thai restaurants across Manchester (although not all, so don’t hold me to this statement), but it really outshines all others. Located on the edge of China Town and Canal Street, opposite a lovely grass green park within a short walk from the city centre. Try Thai impresses all with the atmosphere of a busy restaurant filled with delicious smells of spicy Thai food.

I should probably tell you about the food rather than blabbing about the restaurant itself. A classic Thai restaurant, there are pictures of the food. I love this, some people find it tacky or false advertising if the food isn’t the same (aka. McDonalds), but I don’t. I love it, I think it adds authenticity. Unfortunately, I have never been to Thailand, so I can’t compare the food to traditional Thai food, but I can compare against other Thai food I have cooked and eaten out. Rory however has been to Thailand, as has his sister Anna, and both raved about this restaurant, so I’m using these two as my guide to authenticity.


To start with we ordered some Thai prawn crackers and dips for the table along with a delicious cocktail for me and a beer for Rory. We shared two starters, the satay chicken skewers and the battered king prawns in penang sauce which was divine! The batter was light, crispy and the penang sauce had just the right amount of spice to sweetness for my taste buds. A perfect amount to open our palettes ready for the feast of curry to come.

Satay chicken skewers – £5.50
Battered King Prawn in Penang Sauce – £6.50
Rory ordered a bottle of wine to share, a little overzealous after the surprisingly strong cocktail (another plus) I had barely finished. For mains, Rory chose a crispy chicken fillet with penang curry. This choice includes the rice unlike most Thai curries. Lightly deep fried chicken served with a similar penang curry to the king prawns, with a side of vegetables and egg fried rice. Rory described the curry as packed with flavour, plenty of spice but no burning throats or runny noses, the chicken was crispy and well-cooked and all the flavours complimented each other well.

Crispy Chicken Fillet with Penang Curry – £12.95
Normally when I eat Thai food I choose a green Thai curry, however as I had already had this here I decided to mix it up and ordered a King Prawn (shock horror) jungle curry. What a tantalising mix of heat, spices and creaminess! The king prawns were divine, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. The sauce was full of flavour as you expect from a Thai curry. A few too many mushrooms for my taste but generally a very delicious dish. I ordered this with sticky rice, which matched the curry perfectly. I crave sticky rice on a daily basis, it really is the most delicious rice form!

King prawn jungle curry – £10.95 / Sticky rice – £3
There we have it. The best Thai restaurant in Manchester I have eaten at to date. I highly recommend anyone visiting Manchester, or around the area to book a table (and I recommend you book, it’s been full every time I have been), and enjoy the truly authentic experience! Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I promise not to disappear for so long again! Have you had any truly incredible Thai food (or indeed anything else)? If so let me know, I am always on the lookout for new restaurants to try.

Guest post: Arnero Restaurant

You may have seen that the number of blog posts has dropped off in recent weeks. That is because Amy is going through the hell that is the end of 3rd year, with the delightful examinations and hand-ins that it brings. Unfortunately that means she doesn’t have time to blog, so you’re stuck with Rory this week. Feels weird writing a sentence in the 3rd person….. anyway.

This week, as an attempt to take Amy’s mind off revision, we decided to go out for tea on Saturday, and we opted for a curry at Arnero, which is just off Canal Street. I’m yet to find my Indian in Manchester. Everywhere I’ve ever lived I’ve always had an Indian which I could go to to stuff my face full of Naan bread, and assault my insides with lovely curry (The Ahad in Newcastle is still my all-time favourite), but in Manchester I’m yet to find one that quite hits the spot.

Arnero looked promising. It’s been around for a long time, is extremely well rated on google, and appears to sell good food, at a reasonable price. When we walked in it all looked good. It was full (always a good sign), and smelt fabulous (which is one of my favourite things about a good Indian).

We were quickly shown to our table, were given water (which I swear is the standard by which Amy judges the quality of a restaurant… seriously, go back and look at how often water on the table is mentioned!) and ordered ourselves a bottle of Prosecco (£17.95, What do you mean Prosecco and curry don’t go???). The menu itself was small, which I like (in contrast to some places which have massive menus, and you wonder if they can actually cook it all / has it been made fresh), and it was very reasonably priced, especially when you consider it’s in Manchester city centre (A starter is £5 and mains around £7.50, with rice and naans on top). They also offer a 15% student discount during the week.


To start with, we opted for Aloo Poori Masala, and some onion Bhajis. The Aloo Poori Masala (£4.50) is a curried potato dish, served with little Indian fried breads. I would have to say it was my favourite dish of the night. The potatoes were served in a tomato based sauce, which was absolutely divine, and the fried breads were cooked beautifully. I could have eaten it all day. The Onion Bhaji (£3.50) was also well cooked, and was very good. However you can’t rave about an Onion Bhaji… It is after all, an Onion Bhaji; very difficult to get wrong.

Aloo Poori Masala
Aloo Poori Masala – £4.50
Onion Bahji
Onion Bahji – £3.50
The starters were swiftly followed by the mains (the service was excellent all evening). Amy opted for a Chicken Makhani (£7.25), whereas I went for the Lamb Banjara (£8.25), as well as rices and Naans. The Chicken Makhani is a classic Amy choice. Her favourite curry is Butter Chicken, and the Makhani was in many ways very similar, cooked in a creamy, buttery tomato sauce. It was very well spiced, with nothing overpowering it, and was excellent for dipping (Always a good judge of how good a curry is, is how much Naan is dipped in it). Unfortunately, it was somewhat let down by the chicken in it. It was very rubbery. We couldn’t work out if this was because it was poor quality chicken, or if it had been nuked in a microwave, which tends to give chicken that texture.

Chicken Makhani
Chicken Makhani – £7.25
The Lamb Banjara also resembles a favourite dish of mine (I love a spicy lamb curry). It is a curry with garlic and ginger, cooked in yoghurt based sauce, and a healthy amount of chilli. Again, like Amy’s it was well spiced, with nothing overpowering anything else, but it was just missing something that I can’t quite put my finger on. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it, but I preferred Amy’s.

Lamb Banjara
Lamb Banjara – £8.25
All in all, a good Indian, but not the amazing one I was hoping for. It does a decent plate of food, for a reasonable price, and is definitely worth a go. Unfortunately, it’s missing that X factor you look for in an awesome Indian. I hope you liked my attempt at blogging. Normal service will be resumed soon.

San Carlo Cicchetti

Third year of university is so much harder than I imagined, I don’t know whether this is because I went away and worked for a year, or whether second year was just easy (probably the latter), but I have never been so stressed! Unfortunately, due to this stress I haven’t had time to do any blog posts, but on Saturday I handed in my dissertation, the pain and sorrow is gone, and now I have 1 assignment and some exams to focus on. The end is nigh!

As a celebration for handing in my dissertation, Rory and I decided to head out into Manchester and see where the night took us. After much deliberation, we booked in for 9pm at San Carlo Ciccheti, very continental indeed (the late dinner that is).

We have both heard good things about this restaurant, an Italian, placed opposite to the main San Carlo, but offering tapas style Italian food. What a great idea, I love tapas, and I adore Italian food. We went in with high expectations and by this time, very hungry bellies.

After having a drink at the bar, we were seated by a lovely Italian man who showed us the menu and explained that you order 2 or 3 each (obviously going to be 3). Ordering bread to start we scoured the menu. A great range of choices including pizzas, flatbreads, pasta, meats and fish.


Having quite a big appetite we filled up on the bread quickly and ordered our 6 dishes. The ambience of the restaurant is lovely, soft music in the background, great tables and full of laughter. There is a large mirror at the back of the room, don’t be conned, it’s not actually as big as you first think.

I feel I’ve hyped this place up but sadly I am going to have to dash them. I try not to right bad reviews as I always think a bad night for me is a great night for another. But we were just so thoroughly disappointed with multiple dishes that I felt it needed to be said. However, there were some lovely dishes so maybe the chef was having a bad night.

The Gamberoni Piccante was the best meal without a doubt (of course I would say that!), Sicilian prawns with chilli, lemon and garlic. The sauce for these were incredible, even Rory, who doesn’t usually love prawns said they were up there at the top. Not a huge portion but it is tapas and fish so wasn’t expecting mountains.

Gamberoni Piccante – £8.15
The other dish which we really enjoyed was the Beef Tagliata, grilled fillet steak marinated in chilli and garlic topped with rocket and parmesan. A classic Rory choice, but perfectly cooked, great quality steak. Perfectly paired with thick shavings of parmesan was delicious!

Beef Tagliata – £10.95
Disappointingly this was the end to the delicious food, although the pizza base was very nice, it really was just a pizza, nothing that made me go wow. Another dish which was really overrated was the flatbread, this really was just like a panini, too much tomato, not enough mozzarella and too much bread. Bland, tasteless and way too costly for what it was.

Pizza Pollo Parmi – £6.65
Piadina Mozzarella – £5.50
The most upsetting was the Burrata. Now I was really looking forward to this as I adore mozzarella and parma ham and after having such a wonderful experience at Don Marco a few weeks ago (read about it here), I was very excited to see San Carlo’s take on it. Regrettably the burrata was so oily it lacked any creaminess and just tasted like oil, and the marinated black truffle really wasn’t my cup of tea (but maybe that’s just my taste buds), the parma ham was nice enough but nothing to rave over. Very simple dish but executed poorly.

Burrata – £7.95
After finishing all the food served, we realised that the Tagliatelle Bolognese hadn’t come out. We asked after it and they assured us it would be 2 minutes, after waiting about 15 minutes we asked to cancel it and get the bill. Disappointed with the food for the price you pay, all of that (5 dishes and a bottle of house wine) came to £70.

Overall, we were very disappointed with this restaurant, a wonderful idea with such great potential but sadly expensive food that was not good enough to be. They should either drop their prices, or increase their portions. Hopefully next week I will have a much cheerier review to blog about. Hope you enjoyed my post even if a little rantier than normal!

Round 2: Don Marco

Round two at Don Marco (have a look at the restaurant here). You may remember a while ago we had plans to go to the acclaimed Don Marco, but after arriving and no recollection of our table, we decided it wasn’t worth the wait. But, we decided to give it another go.

The ambience of the restaurant is wonderful, most of the seating is in an almost greenhouse style area, with heaters and greenery, and the other area is inside. We sat near the exit on a cosy table for two, a lovely Italian man seated us and gave us the menus. The service was excellent, the server gave advice on the menu, was quick to serve and very polite.

For me, Italian is all about the starters, I love all the bread, cheese and deli meat and feel this is usually the best part of the meal. For me, this was true in Don Marco’s case. Starting with the Bruschetta al Pomodoro. A typical Italian dish, with vine ripe tomatoes, red onion and garlic.

Bruschetta al Pomodoro
Bruschetta al Pomodoro – £4.50
We shared this with an antipasti starter, Prosciutto e Burrata; which was slices of parma ham on creamy burrata and sun-blushed tomatoes. I have never eaten burrata cheese before but I definitely will again, so creamy and light it was a delicious accompaniment. Although I did enjoy each starter alone, I preferred them mixed together. As the Italians say ‘delizioso’.

Proscuitto e Burrata
Proscuitto e Burrata – £7.95
The mains for me were a little disappointing, I do blame myself for this. I ummed and ahhed over a chicken and asparagus risotto or the king prawn tagliatelle, and I went safe with the prawns. Although the dish was lovely, it was a pretty simple dish that I could have cooked at home.

Tagliatelle con Gamberoni
Tagliatelle con Gamberoni – £10.95
Rory however went off the special board and ordered a beef rib with saffron risotto. From the speed he ate it, I think he enjoyed it. Afterwards telling me the beef was a nice cut, which was well cooked, and went beautifully with the risotto. I managed to sneak a quick forkful and will say the risotto was intensely creamy, perfectly cooked and delicious. This is when I realised my error…

Beef ribs with saffron risotto
Beef ribs with saffron risotto – £16.50
After the mains, I didn’t feel fully satisfied so we decided to order desserts, Rory has the eager face of a child as he immediately agrees and with one glance of the menu had chosen the double chocolate cake (tort). Me, on the other hand, pondered over the menu until focussing in on profiteroles filled with Chantilly cream, little drops of heaven (if heaven were choux pastry filled with cream dipped in chocolate – I like to think it would be!).

Profiteroles with chantilly cream
Profiteroles with chantilly cream – £4.95
Profiteroles were lovely, very traditional choux pastry and heaps of chocolate on top. The double chocolate cake (tort) however for me was too rich but Rory really enjoyed it (it’s chocolate, he always does).

Torta al Cioccolato
Torta al Cioccolato – £4.95
Overall a great range of choices, at a reasonable price. Great service the second time around, and I would go again. But next time, I will be ordering risotto and many, many starters.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post. If you have had an experience of Don Marco, or have a restaurant I should try out, let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

NB. The lighting was very orange in Don Marco due to the heaters, my photography skills could not compete entirely with this light

Sakana Pan Asian, Manchester

Rory and I have been officially ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ for a year, mental! How he put up with me over this year is beyond me but he has, and to celebrate we tried out Sakana in Manchester (check it out here). It is crazy the amount of incredible deals you can get in January, definitely the worst time to be on a health kick! I highly recommend eating out in January, we were spoilt for choice, but decided to take Sakana up on the offer of 51% of all food from the A La Carte menu (which was a lot!).

On Friday evening we dolled up, sacked off the diet and drank a bottle of prosecco before heading out to Sakana. Located a short walk from St Peter’s Square tram stop (although we got an Uber because they also have a deal on!), just next to the infamous Albert’s Schloss (you can see where the nights going…).

As you walk into the restaurant you instantly get a great vibe, the front room is a lovely bar serving elegant looking cocktails, with music that is upbeat and friendly. Going through into the restaurant is wonderful; they have the kitchen on show in the back of room, and beautiful décor all around. There is a large tree with red lanterns on which looks really funky and on the way to the toilet they have painted glow in the UV paint in a floral cherry blossom tree, which is so vibrant as you walk through it is beautiful!

The staff were really friendly and helpful, although they had some licensing issue, that meant all drinks were in hard plastic cups/wine glasses, and any bottles of wine were kept at the bar. They were very hot on topping up our glasses so no complaints from us, just a little strange. The menu was huge, so much choice and most of it included in the 51% off deal, the waitress explained clearly what we could and couldn’t have and then gave us time to decide.

Rory and I have big appetites, and we decided we were going all out. SO MUCH FOOD! It was heaven. Instead of getting a traditional starter and main we decided to order 7 different dishes and some rice and pick at it tapas style. While we waited for the food we ordered some thai prawn crackers, controversial to many peoples opinions but I like these more than normal ones, they are crunchier and have so much more flavour, and the sweet chilli dip blew my mouth off!

Sakana - thai prawn crackers
Thai prawn crackers and sweet chilli dip – £3
Before we had even finished nibbling on these the first of 6 dishes arrived. Kataifi King Prawns, these are King prawns wrapped in a soft string pastry (reminded me of rice noodles) and served with a creamy chilli sauce. This was my favourite of all 6. The prawns were perfectly cooked, fat and juicy. The weird pastry string complimented the crunch beautifully and the sauce was delicious with the right level of kick.

King prawns
Kataifi King Prawns – £7
Next up, we had a ¼ aromatic crispy duck, classic order and a delicious one at that. I love duck pancakes, the spring onion and cucumber, the pancakes, hoisin sauce and duck just go together so wonderfully, I wish I could eat this everyday! Really lovely dish, and a staple choice! The duck was shredded at our table in a very quick and easy fashion, and a great amount of quality meat on the table.

Crispy duck pancakes
¼ aromatic crispy duck pancakes – £12
While eating our duck one of Rory’s orders came to the table. I was a little bit taken back by this when he suggested it, but decided to jump in and try it. This was Taiwanese buns with Chicken Karaage; steamed fluffy buns with Japanese fried chicken and sweet and sour sauce. Rory hadn’t realised that it came separate and bit into a plain bun, realising his error he quickly filled it up. I was pleasantly surprised by these; the plain bun acted like the bread of a burger, taking away some of the spice but keeping all the delicious flavour of the chicken. They weren’t my favourite but I would definitely have them again.

Taiwenese buns with chicken karaage
Taiwenese buns with chicken karaage – £9
Next up are two different beef dishes we ordered, a beef Galbi; Korean marinated beef, served with kimchi, sesame seeds, spring onions and chilli with Galbi sauce. The second beef dish; Chinese black bean beef skewers, tender beef marinated in a black bean sauce, these were both a little overdone meaning the beef was chewier than I like, but Rory loved them and ate anything I didn’t want.

Beef galbi
Beef galbi- £11
Chinese black bean beef skewers
Chinese black bean beef skewers – £9
Then arrived the Thai Grilled Chicken (Kai Yang). These were chicken thighs marinated in lemongrass, coriander and turmeric, with a spicy tamarind dip. They were delicious; juicy and flavoursome, and the tamarind sauce complimented the chicken very well.

Thai grilled chicken kai yang
Thai Grilled Chicken (Kai Yang) – £8.50
Lastly we were disappointed with the duck spring rolls. It was a rushed decision as they had ran out of the vegetable golden money bags (which sounded incredible), I’m not sure what the problem with these were, they just lacked flavour and I think a little overdone. Throughout this meal we also had a bowl of jasmine rice which we used to eat some of the sauces; probably an unnecessary order but nice all the same.

Duck spring rolls
Duck spring rolls – £8
So there we have it, a crazy delicious menu, with a huge array of choice, flavours and cooked beautifully, a couple of things could have been done better but I was really impressed, and will definitely be back. With the discount, and a bottle of prosecco all of this was only £30 each plus a tip, pretty good deal if you ask me! Sadly our evening didn’t stay cheap, after leaving we went to Albert Schloss (it would have been rude not to) and ended up buying many shots. But you only live once and it was a wonderful way to spend our anniversary.

Hard ta-pas(s) up on

This weekend has been mental! It is my birthday on Tuesday so my boyfriend (Rory) and I went home to see my family. Saw some good friends on Friday evening down at the local pub, Saturday day spent walking my two little Jack Russell’s at Clumber Park and in the evening going to see the local pantomime. Then on Sunday another pub visit near home and a great Sunday dinner with some of the famalam. A quick drive back up to Manchester; moving Rory’s stuff out of his house and into mine, until our new place is ready next month. With all this I have barely had time to think, let alone blog, so this post is a little later than normal.

However, Rory and I always have time to eat, so tonight after moving Rory’s stuff we decided to take advantage of the Didsbury location and go to my all time favourite restaurant in Manchester; Pinchjos. This is without a doubt my favourite restaurant; I would highly recommend anyone visiting Manchester to come here! A quaint little Spanish restaurant, seating about 26 people in total and offering a great selection of fresh home cooked food and a good wine selection.


Rory brought me to Pinchjos on our second date, and since then we have gone back many times and never been disappointed. The food is unbelievably good, the wine is delicious and staff are very welcoming. Although the service is a little slow, it is made up for how amazing the food is! Genuinely can’t rave enough about the food (try it yourself if you don’t believe me).


In the traditional tapas style everything comes as it is cooked. First out of the kitchen doors was the Gambas Pil Pil. An obvious choice and favourite of mine, king prawns cooked in chilli and garlic, bubbling away as it comes to our table; a delicious meaty taste with a great kick of chilli after swallowing.

Gambas Pil Pil – Regular price (RP) £6.50
Next up Patatas Bravas, I don’t know anyone who goes to a tapas restaurant and doesn’t order Patatas Bravas. Small, fried potatoes with smoked paprika and bravas sauce; a very simple dish but cooked perfectly, the potatoes were chopped smaller than normal, almost sautéed as apposed to in chunks, but I enjoyed it all the same.

Patatas Bravas – RP £4.95
Then came the Meat Paella, Rory’s favourite; chicken marinated in paprika with chorizo and piquillo peppers. This dish was full of flavour; perfect amount of chorizo for a great smoky flavour without overpowering the dish. This went very well with the patatas bravas!

Meat Paella – RP £6.50
Cheese has got to be one of the best creations, so many forms and such amazing tastes. Halloumi, an ultimate favourite was next to be eaten. Pan fried halloumi with oregano served on a fresh salad. Fried just enough to create a golden skin, but not too much to let it go dry and rubbery; melt in your mouth halloumi which had such a delicious salty taste I only wish there was more of it!

Pan Fried Halloumi – RP £5.95
The penultimate dish was Pinchitos; skewered chicken breasts marinated in ginger and chillies served on tabbuleh. The chicken just came away from the skewer, and it had a wonderful tasting marinade that just makes your mouth water; so much flavour, again the only problem being that there isn’t enough (maybe we are just a little greedy though)!

Pinchitos – RP £6.50
Finally, the last dish of the evening, fresh to order tortilla, which is a Spanish omelette with potatoes and seasonal vegetables, served with what I believed to be bravas sauce. A delicious combination of vegetables and potatoes; which with the tangy bravas sauce went down a treat. This was a new one, which we haven’t ordered before and definitely will again!

Tortilla – RP £5
I couldn’t give Pinchjos a better review if I tried, I absolutely adore he food cooked here and love the quaint, simple look of the restaurant. Dishes range from £4 to £7 but on Sunday to Thursday, 5-7pm; a wide selection (all I have discussed) are £4.50 each. Definitely a reasonable price for the delicious food! You can check out the restaurant here.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it tempts you into trying the restaurant, if you do I would love to hear what you thought of it, comment bellow or tag me on Instagram. If you don’t want to miss out on any of my posts, subscribe today by clicking below. Like, share, comment and subscribe.

Giovanni’s Delicious Deli Lounge, bon appétit!

Sadly this week I went to review “Almost famous”, unfortunately I will not be writing a review for this place due to the 45 minute wait on our food arriving and the bland overpriced burger. Sorely disappointed and will not be going again.

On a lighter note, I had a delicious lunch just off Piccadilly gardens at Giovanni’s Deli. Giovanni’s is a lovely family run business with a great selection of sandwiches, Panini’s and hot food. Giovanni prides itself on selling “Tasty. Delicious. Homemade.” food and boy does it deliver!

Giovanni’s has huge windows allowing plenty of light into the room, accompanying a nice open space; which made everything seem brighter. A lovely variety of bright yellow chairs, with various indoor plants on each table. Although very quiet, with only one other customer, it was 2pm and a Sunday so I wasn’t too surprised. I imagine the place is heaving on a weekday lunch and so it should be. Giovanni’s had great service, huge choice of food, all at a very reasonable price. As well as offering the usual eat in or takeaway, they also deliver to your home and office.

Giovanni's deli lounge

Working out of the city centre often means my lunch options are limited, without a car I have only a few options. This is one of the reasons I would love to work in the city centre (ignoring the traffic and the vast amount of patience required of course). Lunch is essential for any day, but specifically a workday, I imagine there is nothing better than being able to take a nice stroll down to a local deli and ordering a delicious hot Panini or some soup on a cold winters day.

Let me start with the menu. There was a wide variety of Panini’s and sandwiches such as ham and cheese, tuna melt, mozzarella and pesto etc. As well as these they also offer a “gym fit” menu; egg white omelettes, filled sweet potatoes etc. Brilliant! The deli is located a 30 second walk from the popular “The Gym” making Giovanni’s an obvious choice for a protein boost. Early morning workout; followed by a low-carb and high protein breakfast; the perfect way to start your day.

If Giovanni’s haven’t already, they should look at affiliating themselves with “The Gym”, sending people back and forth would be a great way of linking brands together and building a community (I think that’s the marketer in me coming out here).

Food, food, food; tasty, homemade food

Rory ordered the Chicken Pesto Panini (£4.95) and I ordered the Tuna Mayo Panini (£4.95) both with a side of chunky chips (£2 each). The chicken pesto Panini was fresh chicken breast, with pesto, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. Proper quality ciabatta bread used which makes all the difference, a really great Panini. The tuna mayo was the same, tuna mayonnaise with melted cheese, on soft quality ciabatta bread. The chips were just standard chunky chips, delicious as always. Great sized portions as well, could have easily had a bowl of chips to share.

Giovanni's deli lounge
Chicken and Pesto Panini – £4.95
Tuna mayo panini
Tuna Mayonnaise Panini – £4.95
Chunky chips – £2
*Disclaimer: rant coming…

My only comment would have been the cup of tea I had. I am a huge tea lover, it is the rock to my roll, I couldn’t be without it. A good cup of tea isn’t that hard to make, but every tea drinker has his or her own personal preference. I personally like very little milk with a strong tea bag. The waiter unaware of other tea styles made a tea and poured milk straight in and brought it over with the tea bag still in. This for me is weird. It’s okay if the place doesn’t have teapots etc. But just give me a little jug of milk with the mug and I can do it myself. He didn’t ask whether I even wanted milk let alone how much.

Other than the strange tea, I would highly recommend this place; especially for a quick bite to eat on a lunch break when you just want to get out of the office, or on a Saturday afternoon mid-shopping trip. Brilliant location, great food at reasonable prices; I will definitely be going again! Check out their menu on the website here.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post and I didn’t ramble too much (I could talk for hours just on cups of tea’s, but I won’t). If you like my blog posts please subscribe via email below. I would love to hear your thoughts of Giovanni’s! As always; like, share, comment and subscribe.