All about me

My name is Amy Chetwynd and I have a huge passion for all things food! I sound like I have an addiction; I guess it is a sort of addiction. I love good food, whether it’s made by my mum, out in a fancy restaurant or a cheeky take-out on a Sunday evening. As long as it is good, I love it.

My favourite things are:

  • Flash, my little Cockapoo puppa!
  • A good cup of tea! (with a biscuit or ten…)
  • Learning new skills, mini dork over here
  • Cheeeseeee – all cheese, any cheese, all the cheese!
  • My not so little ball of fluff (Fluffy the hamster)

Officially finished University. Fingers crossed for the results I have worked hard for, we shall see soon enough. Beginning my descent into adulthood, I hope it’s nothing like the film…

As an unemployed graduate I don’t get to eat out as often as I wish I could, but this blog gives me a great excuse to get out more! I am all about getting great food at the right price, I am pretty savvy and will always look for a deal online before choosing a restaurant and using all of the great offers such as gourmet society card, taste card and an NUS card. All pretty cheaply available and give great discounts at fantastic restaurants.

As well as eating out, I love to cook myself. I never buy ready meals, although I do occasionally buy take-out. I love to experiment with new foods, although Rory likes me to stick to the classic meat dishes i try to venture onto new things. I will be posting my recipes for both savoury and sweet including my famous chilli and my mum’s classic chocolate cake.

Watch this space on Sundays where I aim to post either a review or a recipe each week. I would love for you to follow me on Instagram @chefwynd, and subscribe to my blog 🙂

If you have any suggestions for restaurants I should check out, feel free to leave a comment or email me at