Day 28-30 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

IT’S ALL OVER.Well this challenge is anyway. I will continue to eat healthily, and go to the gym until Christmas but I will be a little more laxed when it comes to that slice of cake (although I have had a few cakes over this challenge).

Now it’s time to have a think about what my next challenge could be, who knows, maybe i’ll run a marathon ;).

Day 28.

After the heavy cheesecake weekend I brought the rest in to work. However, someone else brought cake as well so there was an insane amount of cake to go around. I stayed strong and didn’t have any cake, or cheesecake #willpower.

For breakfast I had half a grapefruit. I think it’s a shame that grapefruit once cut dries out overnight. If someone has a trick so that this doesn’t happen (I currently wrap in cling film and put in fridge), please let me know!

By lunchtime I was unsurprisingly pretty hungry. I made myself leftover bean burger (with all the trimmings). Plenty of sweet chilli sauce to make this burger zingy. Delicious! Mid-afternoon I had a snack of a few red seedless grapes to keep me going.


Last post I mentioned how I had hurt my foot running. Well I seem to have really damaged it because it kills to walk in flat shoes. Heals aren’t so bad, I think because it takes the pressure off the side of my foot. This means no gym for me today, I don’t want to aggravate it anymore.

Rory was out till after 7, so I decided to start prepping dinner and tomorrows dinner instead of watching TV and thinking about chocolate.

I started out cooking the tomato base for tomorrow’s dinner lasagne, once this was simmering away I got started on the vegetable tacos I was making for tonights dinner.ย Meal prepping like a boss.

I used another of Hairy Dieters Vegetarian book this evening although I will tweak slightly in the future. If you haven’t got this book, I highly recommend it for anyone who likes veggie food. In The Works, it’s only like ยฃ6 as well so bonus!

I cooked up refried bean and vegetable tacos. Vegan until I added lots of cheese hehe. Really delicious, just needs a bit more spice and a bit more flavour to the beans, and I overcooked the veg a tad. Will make again though!


I won’t go into the details but I cooked up a ginormous lasagne ready for Rory to put in the oven tomorrow evening, and refried bean and vegetable tacos for tonights dinner and tomorrows lunch.

Day 29.

Woke up late and was in a bit of a rush meaning I forgot to pack breakfast (thankfully lunch was pre-prepped). Luckily I had an apple at work from yesterday so had this for breakfast. Not very substantial but I was so busy with work I barely realised it was almost 1pm.

Lunch time came around and I made myself a huge refried bean tortilla wrap (if you watched my insta story you will know what I mean). Perfect amount of salt and cheesyness for a great lunch and really filling. Later I had a quick snack of a Strawberry Bliss Muller Corner Pot.

I didn’t really want another day of no exercise so I decided to head to the gym afterwork and do an arms and core workout and try to stay off my foot a bit. I don’t really know what I’m doing if it’s not cardio or an instructed class. I kind of flailed around doing some core and arm workout with a barbell, kettlebell and some dumbells. Then i moved on and did some press up T-Rex and then some leg raises on that machine (technical term right there).

So I came home feeling a bit fizzed, I really need to figure out a workout and start building more on muscle mass, as I am pretty darn week for my height and size. Maybe this will be my next challenge, 30 days weights. We shall see…let’s get Christmas over first.

I may need to invest in a personal trainer to help me out on this one, any advice ?

For dinner, Rory cooked up the lasagne (literally put in oven because I prepped like a boss yesterday, woop!). Ahhhh lasagne. I beautiful recipe cheesy, creamy and tasty. Seriously delish, in fact Rory gave me a compliment on the food, he said, and I quote: “This is the first vegetarian meal i’ve eaten that I haven’t missed the meat”. Took 29 days but I did haha. No but honestly, this recipe is great, I will post it soon, just need to work out quantities because I always make too much or not enough!


Day 30.

Bit gutted I have hurt my foot because it means I struggle to walk the dog, and I can;t do any cardio :(. However, I got up today, peeled and slices a fresh mango and half of this for breakfast. Fresh, juicy mango is just delicious! Perfectly ripe. Then around 11am, I had a lemon Bliss Muller yoghurt. Not quite as nice as the strawberry one but still yummy.

Lunch time came around slowly, but I got to devour another slice of lasagne which was totally worth the wait! Mmmmmm….cheese. After lunch I had a little berry bar (like a special k but Aldi’s version). This tide me over the rest of the afternoon.

I walked my dog, but as this was qwuite a struggle, and I didn’t have the car I decided not to walk to the gym, and instead do a bit of a weights exercise routine at home. I mapped out a set of 10 exercises, in which I did 10 reps and 3 sets. Not mind blowing stuff, and not as hard as I thought but helped me feel a little less lazy. No cardio still, hoping my foot sorts itself out soon, I actually like cardio.

3 sets (30 second break between sets)
Hammer curl ๐Ÿ‘ x10
Russian twist x10 each side
Bent over arm kickback x10 each arm
Reverse crunch (legs) x10
Barbell curl ๐Ÿ‘Š (tight) x 10
Crunches x10
Overhead dumbbell extension
Flutter legs (30 seconds)
Push-ups x10
Bicycle crunches fast (30 seconds)

However, my dog was jumping all over me throughout the routine so maybe that’s why it didn’t feel that hard (I stopped to get him off me repeatedly).

For dinner I cooked up that halloumi and pea curry, this recipe will be coming up on the blog in the next week or so, will update a link here ASAP.



So that’s it, all done. My challenge is complete. I am posting this the day after (day 31) so that I could weigh in and see how I did. (I actually had this to post on day 31, but forgot to click publish, oops)

I have lost 9 lbs over 30 days, 0.3 lbs per day, 2.1lbs per week. Pretty successful. I feel brilliant, I can actually keep my jeans done up after eating (although not after all that cheesecake). My clothes are starting to feel better, I feel stronger and healthier. Really successful challenge. Now to continue this until Christmas where I can pig out none stop…ย ๐Ÿท

Until next time


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