Day 19-27 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

Just 3 days to go!

So i’ve had half a blog post written for day 19-25, but then got weigh laid with a gazillion other things, so here’s basically a week’s run down. I’m gonna skip over the boring bits and just give a general update of my food and exercise, otherwise I could ramble on for a while…[UPDATE] just got to the end, and I still managed to do plenty of rambling 😉.

27 days down, pretty happy with how i’ve done so far. Slipped a little at weekends but hey, that’s what weekends are for right…

Day 19.

The only way I remember what on earth i’ve been eating and exercising is through My Fitness Pal, such a great app for recording everything and really makes me question my choices!

Started today with scrambled eggs, avocado and 2 slices of 50/50 toast as I wouldn’t be having any lunch. Matched this with plenty of ketchup for a protein filled brunch ready to sustain me for the day.

Gave Rory a lift to rugby, while I swanned off shopping in the Trafford Centre. Through this 30 day challenge I have come to realise I don’t have enough gym kit to sustain 5 days at the gym…so a shopping trip was needed obv.

Lots of new gym kit bought all from H&M. Really impressed with the selection of kit and reasonably priced! I bought myself a new pair of snazzy leggings, a sturdy sports bra, 1 light weight baggy top, 1 tight-fit t-shirt style top and a long-sleeved tight fit running top. All sportswear which is thin quick drying material. All of that for less than £80. Pretty successful to say the least!


As I was going to the light switch on tonight I needed a quick dinner, so we had a new take on a veggie burger but used a soya quarter pounder from Sainsbury’s. We won’t be making this change again. The burger was tasteless, bland and all together not worth the calories. However the cheese, bread, wedges we had extra all made up for the poor burger choice.

If you haven’t been to the Christmas light switch on yet, you really must go next year! An electric display of beautifully timed fireworks. Even with the rain pelting down on us, it didn’t dampen our spirits.


Day 20.

Woke up very late today and went straight to food shopping, no time for breakfast. Food shopping when you’re hungry is not ideal!

Food shop complete, we made ourselves refried bean quesadillas! When i mentioned this to someone at work, they made a joke that this isn’t even cooking *shocked face*. I was pretty impressed with myself anyway so there we go. I used this recipe and thought it was pretty spot on except for quantities. I didn’t use the coriander leaves (I keep buying this herb and it always dies, if anyone has any tips on keeping them alive, hit me up!).

I did manage to flip it myself, super impressive I know ;). Do note, I read the comments (like you always should on a BBC good food recipe…) and used the ingredients for 4 people, for 2 wraps. Glad we did this as half the mixture would not have covered two big wraps.


Then we went over to Rory’s cousin’s house and went for a play in the park with their foster child and Flashy pants. After some terrible passes from me, and some pretty impressive tackles from Flash we headed back to their house for some homemade meatballs with tagliatelle.

Afterwards we had a ‘healthy’ version of an apple crumble. I used this recipe, and I will definitely be using it again! Really delicious, although I did double the crumble mixture as I like plenty of crumble, I also took the skin off the apples. Covered it with lots of custard and it was gone in seconds.

Day 21.

Starting the day off with golden syrup protein porridge from Oat’s So Simple, for a healthy start to the day. Added some chia seeds to finish it off. Much more filling than my yoghurt and fruit standard!

Lunch I had leftover frozen chilli con carne which I served with low fat soft cheese and half a small avocado. Looks delicious doesn’t it!?


Back home for the gym, simple circuit class.

Dinner we tweaked a recipe I had a few weeks back, the Paneer and pea curry. Instead using halloumi, extra spices and less lemon juice. Oh wow did it make a difference! This curry went from okay to bloody gorgeous. I will be posting the recipe ASAP as you should all be trying this concoction. I swear it’s more delicious than this picture makes out…


Day 22.

Starting the day off with porridge again (yes this is my new theme…) however i added frozen blueberries which made it 5X better!


For lunch I had roasted vegetables including courgette, pepper, onion, cauliflower and sweet potato which I served with avocado, salsa and ricotta cheese. The cheese was a mistake, turns out I don’t much care for ricotta. The texture is freaky in my mouth.


We had a half day meeting at work and somebody (no name and shame here) brought in delicious pastries which I could not keep my grubby hands off! Half a cinnamon swirl and half a pain au chocolat later i felt pretty damn guilty.

For dinner I cooked up a vegetarian chilli con carne using soya protein mince. I used my own recipe which you can find here, and just replaced the mince with frozen soya mince. I should have only used 250g of frozen fake mince, and if i’m honest the texture freaked me out a bit. Rory didn’t seem to notice but there we go.

Day 23.

Really craving toast today so I started the day off with two slices of thick Aldi white bloomer with light butter. Mmmm! Lunch was the same as yesterday, however I used low fat soft cheese instead of ricotta. Much better swapsies!

Today I went for a run. Yes an actual run in the outside world. It was incredible! I felt alive. For the first time since I can remember I actually loved running. It was strange. I ran 3 miles and although my legs were telling me to go home, my body felt great. 100% success on that front.

For dinner I cooked up a batch of this chicken base, in which I split up into three and made a potato topped pie with a third of it. The rest is in the fridge for some other recipes. Batch cooking is the best way to cook!


Then I went to the cinema with a friend to watch Thor. WOULD RECOMMEND. What a hilariously brilliant concoction of action, mischief and humour. Perfect, and a bit of eye candy is always welcome 😉. A small pack of sweet and salted popcorn was required for the cinema, and totally justifiable after that run.

Day 24.

Protein porridge with blueberries. Followed by leftover potato topped chicken pie for lunch.

After work I went to my first pole dancing class. In second year of uni I did pole dancing for about 8 weeks, until I stopped going due to poor time commitment. I found a club near my work and they had a 4 week Groupon, so I bought it up and went to my first session.

What a thrill. Forgot how much i loved it. Wow does it burn, but so worth it. I have the rhythm of an unbalanced rhinoceros but still managed to look somewhat elegant (i like to think anyway). Will definitely be going back next week.

Came home and cooked up some leftover veggie chilli in a wrap with soft cheese. Simple but tasty (even with the funky mince). On Friday we are having treat night of a cheesecake so I made up the cheesecake tonight which also meant I ate several digestive biscuits because ya know, they were gonna go to waste. 😉

Day 25.

Half a grapefruit to start the day, not really feeling hungry this morning. For lunch I had an omelette which turned out perfectly which is a rarety for me!


After work I took my puppy to Drinkwater Park and went for a run, we ran 3 miles. It was 5X harder than my Wednesday run, I thought I might throw up at one point, I had a stitch a lot of the time and my feet and nose were so numb I had lost the feeling in them. Not the most pleasant run ever but if i want to eat this cheesecake, run I must!

For dinner we cooked up some relatively healthy chicken fajitas which I had 1 wrap of, and some extra mix on the side to try to lower my calories somewhat. Then we had the all-mighty lemon-curd and white chocolate cheesecake. And oh boy am I glad i waited for the cake. Creamy, tangy and all round delicious. Yes! Serves 16 my arse. Serves 2 perfectly right 😉 (also, look at first slice cut versus second slice cut, bit of a mess oops).


Day 26.

Saturday’s are always a hard day, usually have something planned, this weekend included going to Pie Minister in Nottingham and then to the theatre to watch The Little Mermaid Ballet with some of my family.

Pie Minister, why have I never been here before!? Really good food, great selection of both veggie and meat pies, quick service, will be going again for sure. I had a steak and ale pie with garden peas. This is pretty much my go two choice of pie. It was delish. Just look at that buttery pastry, get in ma belly!


I then consumed most of a bag of eclair’s from the theatre shop…not even sorry. I got home and couldn’t be bothered to cook. My sister had ordered a takeout the night before which instantly made me crave Indian food. With very little encouragement from me, Rory agreed to order a curry.

As I had already eaten meat for lunch I wanted to have something veggie. The options were pretty limited for a whole curry and I wasn’t sure what they would be like. So instead I chose a couple of small dishes which I had with rice. Really good choice i made. I had a vegetarian selection which included onion baji, vegetable samosa and a vegetable pakora. I then ordered a bombay potato side, cauliflower saag and a side of korma sauce. Plus a chapati (slightly better than naan bread, right?). Totally worth the calories. Finished the day off with a slice of cheesecake.


So that wasn’t quite the healthiest of days…

Day 27.

I woke up after a poor night’s sleep thanks to my puppy waking me up repeatedly. But I got up, put my gym kit on and ran the short journey (0.8miles) to the gym. Burning 78 cals on the run, i worked my but off on the step machine, bike, rower and cross trainer to burn 412 cals to make up a piece of cheesecake (all i could think about while working out hehe).

After cardio, I had 15 minutes before Rory was picking me up so I did a selection of weighted squats, bent over rows, dead lifts, t-rex press ups and military press. I have done something to my foot (I think on my run the other day) and it is causing severe pain when I step on it. I worked through during the gym, but as the pain got worse through the day decided not to aggravate it more by going on a long walk with the dog.

Instead I cleaned the house, including beating the rug which was a workout in itself, and then general dusting and hoovering ready for the next week. For lunch I had leftover vegetarian curry from yesterday. Rory was pretty jealous because shock horror, he didn’t save any of his.

For dinner we finally cooked our own homemade bean burgers. I have wanted to do this for ageeeesss. using a mixture of Jamie Olivers recipe and Slimming World, I made my own recipe (which I need to tweak and test a bit more before sharing with you guys). Followed by a slice of cheesecake (so much cheesecake left omg!).


3 days left, then I will step on the scales and see how I did. I’m not fussed what the number says, I feel better and I am definitely fitter so I am pretty happy with how I have done. Let’s make them a good ‘un!


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