Day 15-18 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

This week has flown by. Busy at work, lots to get done and plenty of healthy eating and working out completed. Feels like success for the halfway mark. Coming up to a ten day countdown (12 more dayssss) and I am really happy with the results so far. Hopefully they keep working and i’ll be able to keep my jeans done up all day long.

Day 15.

Back to my standard breakfast…don’t even need to tell you this anymore. Lunchtime was leftover Morrocan Roasted Vegetable Soup which was delissshhh. Feeling the ssssss today 😂.


Gym session involved circuit training, back with my fav circuit instructor. Sweating like a pig, I headed home for some much needed curry! Halloween tonight, so we bought the trick or treaters some sweeties, but none turned up. Normally this would be great, but this health kick means I cheated and had a few sweets, oopsies.

For dinner I made a king prawn green thai curry with shed loads of veg including cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, baby corn and spinach. Not quite enough curry paste but still really tasty and plenty for my lunch tomorrow. Really not got portion sizes under control yet which is why I haven’t posted the recipe. I swear i’m cooking for 2 and make enough for 6 😂.


Day 16.

Breakfast, erm, yeah okay I seriously need to be more adventurous…lunch continued with leftover curry but vegetarian this time.


Then off to the gym. I walked to the gym today (about 2 miles) and arrived 20 minutes early. So I went on the treadmill and burnt 50 kcal in 5 minutes, then on the step machine and burnt 100 kcal in 5 minutes and then went on the rower and burnt 50 kcal in 5 minutes. Pretty impressed with myself for staying with the rower as I find it really boring and often give up after a minute or so. Then I did a nice easy toning class, to build this supple frame I desire.

Rory cooked a delicious cauliflower and pea risotto which was divine. Recipe for this will be up soon as it is soooo good! Love a good risotto, simple to cook just takes a little bit more time than some meals. Totes worth it though.


Day 17.

Ran out of my standard yoghurt today whatever will I do…instead, I tried using low fat greek style yoghurt. What an error. For me, it just tasted slightly sour, and really thick in my mouth. Not a pleasant experience and i wasted majority of my fruit on it. So instead I just had a small selection of grapes and strawberries. Cannot wait for lunch now!

For lunch, we went to Los antojitos ltd, Vegan Mexican pop-up kitchen in the Great Ancoats General Store. This little pop-up sold £1 street food tacos, doughnuts and other Mexican bits and bobs. It was such a cute little stand! As i had lunch back at the office, I had one refried bean taco. Really tasty and delicious, couldn’t even tell it was vegan.

Los antojitos ltd - Vegan mexican pop-up kitchen

Los antojitos ltd - Vegan mexican pop-up kitchen

Went back to the office and finished my lunch with leftover risotto. Perffff-ect lunch. After work I again, walked to the gym from work (2 miles) and went to a pure fat burn class. Pretty disappointed by the class, didn’t really make me sweat, and it was all a little the same for me. I didn’t even add it to My Fitness Pal (which if anyone wants to be my friend add me on Chetwynd22). I then did 5 minutes steps (100 kcal) and 2 minutes rowing (I would have done more but there were some pongy smells going around and i couldn’t cope).

Returned home and cooked myself a Mexican bean burger with all the trimmings. Honestly, my fav meal at the moment! One day I’ll cook it in the daytime and get a decent picture of it!

Day 18.

I knew today would be a cheat day. But I started off well having half a grapefruit for breakfast and a spinach, tomato, red onion and pepper omelette for lunch. Pretty healthy stuff right here…

But then Rory and I agreed as we weren’t going anywhere this weekend (other than the light switch on) we would treat ourselves to a pizza. My favourite pizza is a deep pan, freshly made from the deli counter topped with peppers and red onion. Simple, delicious and crazy tasty.

Normally I only eat half the pizza…

However my body must have known it was treat day because I ate that whole bad boy and felt no regrets. And for extra cheating, washed it down with a bottle of prosecco for a truly special treat day. 🍾🍕

No pictures of my sins, but honestly completely worth it as it has given me more motivation to be healthy so I can have cheat days like that guilt free.

Pretty successful week if i do say so myself. Only 12 more days to go. Let’s do this! 💪


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