Day 7, 8 & 9 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

A whole week completed. Woweee. Technically it’s been 2 weeks of healthy eating – I did a week before starting this 30 day challenge to get myself into the spirit after my holiday abroad.

9 days down, 21 to go.

Day 7.


Ah Monday. No more lie ins. Cold, dark mornings drawing in. Time to get up and go to work in the cold miserable weather. Oh how I love Manchester’s ability to rain at all times. Up bright and early, showered, dressed, dog walked and fed and off to work I go, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho.

Starting the day with a bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt…I’m starting to think I need more adventure in my breakfast. I mentioned earlier about how much I love homemade soup. So on Sunday evening, at around 9pm, hangover still biting, i forced myself to get up off the shell of a couch, and cook a soup ready for the week.

A homemade leek and potato soup cooked in under an hour is my kinda soup. Get the recipe here. This soup in my opinion is just delicious, thick and full of flavours. A perfect lunch served with a hunk of bread.

leek and potato soup

After work I headed straight to the gym to catch the 5.30pm Fat Burn class with my new favourite instructor. An absolutely cracking workout, that made me ache in all the right places and really worked my core.

Headed home and cooked up Sweet Potato Saag Aloo (same picture as on Saturday night as I was too hungry to take photo’s hehe). Overcooked it a little which meant the sweet potato was a little squishy, and I didn’t have enough spinach. But I did tweak the recipe slightly which improved some bits so hopefully third times the charm.

Day 8.

Today I just did not wan’t to get out of bed. Flash (my puppy) had woken me up a few times in the night crying due to fireworks going off outside (who’s doing fireworks at 3am I don’t know), so I was feeling extra sleepy this morning. But, I got up, dressed, ready, dog walked and fed and off to work I went again.

Breakfast continues the theme of most boring breakfast in the world (tomorrow I’m gonna go crazy and have something else). For lunch I had leftover saag aloo with a slice of thick bread from Aldi to mop up the juices, whilst reading this months copy of the Good Food Guide. Dribbling over the delicious cakes and recipes inside.

Off home to get ready for my gym class, this week’s circuits. Pretty disappointed with the class today, it was a different guy than normal and although I normally like his classes this one I didn’t. Circuits to me means going round multiple times a circuit. But instead, we got 10 minutes of intro to each exercise (not even exaggerating), then a warm up. We were given 20 odd exercises, 30 seconds on each. Not enough time to get into the exercise, and because there were so many

Tonight I decided to cook a vegetarian lasagne. What an error. It takes sooooooo long. But in the end it was worth it, so not all bad haha.

lasagne and bechamel sauce.jpg

Day 9

Lie in today (not my day to walk Flash woop). Breakfast started with avocado and scrambled eggs (told you i’d have something different), with half a grapefruit.

eggs and avocado

Lunch was leftover leek and potato soup with a hunk of bread. And dinner was leftover vegetarian lasagne. Delicious!

Really feeling the diet today, desperate for cake and wine, but as I will be attending a wedding on Friday, i will hold off and stay strong.

No gym due to finishing work late and needing to sort Flash out, so definitely no cake allowed.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings better days.


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