Day 4, 5 & 6 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

3 days of success-ish. Weekends are the hardest when you are eating healthy; all the booze, the need to eat greasy carby food. But I have had willpower on the latter at least.

Day 4.

Starting the day with a simple bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt is always a win. Simple, small and really quick to get ready on a weekday.

For lunch (as I was WFH), I had scrambled egg and avocado. Scrambled eggs are always a winner, although I would normally like to have some toast, I decided not to so I could have naan bread later hehe.


Rory passed his penultimate exam today which calls for a celebration (any excuse right). So instead of ordering an Indian, we decided to try out Aldi’s Dopiaza curry sauce. If you haven’t tried their new range of curry’s yet I highly suggest you do. They have a spice mix on top for your meat or veg, and then a sauce. Really tasty and delicious.

We fried off some baby corn, peppers, onion and chicken, then added the sauce and let it simmer away for 20 minutes. Served with pilau rice (microwavable Aldi special), and a cheeky piece of naan bread.


One of the reasons my diets always fail is because I say i’m not allowed lots of foods. This is just a recipe for failure. I like to think of it now as everything in moderation. Having naan bread isn’t a sin, it may not be healthy and it definitely wont help me lose weight (nor will the 3 glasses of prosecco I drank), but it will keep me sane!

As I knew I would be having a larger dinner, I made sure I chose meals with low calories for breakfast and lunch, and with the booze I still didn’t go over my calorie limit. Bonus!

Day 5.

Woke up feeling pretty rough, but decided to go to the gym and work off the hangover. So glad I did this! Really motivated this morning, had a really good rig session and some extra step ups and a short run on the treadmill. Boom.

Scrambled eggs and avocado for a protein kick breakfast. Had a lot of errands to run in town so headed over about lunch time. Didn’t really have chance to have any food so I just had a go ahead bar and special k bar to keep me going.

I bought a cook book; Hairy Dieter’s Vegetarian. Really glad I did! Full of amazing vegetarian recipes that all sound fantastic. Really recommend this book. Got it from the works and only cost ยฃ6 so bonus.

I tried the Sweet potato saag aloo. Was a little worried it wouldn’t be very nice, or that it wouldn’t be enough but it was actually really tasty. Full of flavours and the sweet potato was a really nice change to the traditional saag aloo.

saag aloo

Then it all went downhill. One of my best friends birthdays, so, many many many shots and drinks were downed in rapid succession.

Day 6.

As you may expect I woke up feeling pretty rotten this morning. Because of this I had a slice of toast with low salt spreadable on it. Perfecto. For lunch I had a brown high fibre bread roll with what I hoped would be a nice tomato and vegetable soup. But it wasn’t very nice so I just had a bread roll.

Fajitas for dinner, been craving them all week! Chicken, peppers and onions, topped with Avocado salsa, cheese and light sour cream. All wrapped up in a tortilla wrap. Nom!

avocado salsafajitas

So a pretty successful weekend even if I did have several beverages I shouldn’t have had.

Bring on tomorrow!


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