Day 3 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

Working from home gives me a lot of temptations, thankfully I have no unhealthy food in, but the shop is round the corner. I held strong and started my day with grapefruit again. Then later on I felt peckish and had a banana 🍌. Really riveting stuff this is, but it helps me keep focus if I have to tell the truth on here hehe 😇😇.

Lunch was spaghetti meatballs again, half the normal portion of pasta (40g), and plenty of sauce. Absolutely delicious, love spaghetti meatballs 🍝. Although it’s pretty much impossible to eat spaghetti gracefully, like seriously, how is it everywhere!

spaghetti meatballs

The rest of the day went quite fast, busy at work and had my puppy to entertain me. Pouring down with rain all day, it continued while we walked Flash in Drinkwater park. If you live in Manchester and haven’t been to Drinkwater park yet you need to get your butt down there. Situated on the western boarder of Prestwich, a beautiful walk that is just so peaceful and lovely. Flash dashes in and out of the bushes and once I even saw some deer!

I din’t really feel motivated for the gym, but as i won’t be going tomorrow I decided to bite the bullet and go. A Pure FatBurn 💪 class, not as hard as I was expecting, felt a little disappointed tbh.

Afterwards I went on the stair machine. Now this machine that circles about 5 steps is like a staircase to hell for me. Honestly, 2 minutes and I was wiped out. The woman next to me was on a much faster setting and had been for 38 minutes!! I have a long way to go till I can do that 😂😂.

Drove home due to the sheer force of rain pelting down outside. Chopped up some veg quickly and chucked it in a pan. Added some sweet chilli and soy sauce and bang a smashing dinner. If you want the full recipe and not my Joe Wicks version check it out here.


Another day complete. Boom. Bring on tomorrow…so excited for that glass of wine 🍷


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