30 days clean eating challenge blog takeover

Summer has ended *sob*, but still I don’t have the beach body I desire *wahhh*. This year has flown by, like seriously where did it go? With Christmas just around the corner I have decided to take action and instead of moaning about my clothes not fitting, I’m going to actually do something about it.

Now I am not fat, by any stretch of the imagination, but I definitely have extra weight which is making it difficult to keep my jeans done up all day. Anyone who knows me, knows my struggle with this (like seriously, why must they always need be undone). I don’t have an endless supply of money to buy new jeans / an entire new wardrobe (as much as I wish I did). Instead, I am going to eat clean, exercise regularly and really focus my efforts for the next 30 days (bring on November!).

Hijacking the Chefwynd blog, I will use this platform to winge and moan about how torturous it is to eat clean hehe. I kid. I will use this blog to share with you recipes, exercises, routines and general health and fitness tips and tricks along my journey, hopefully motivating myself to stay strong and keep going.

I would love it if other people were on a similar journey to comment and help keep me focused. We can motivate each other, share recipes and training tips (seriously, I need all the help I can get!).

Expect to see recipes, clean eats, workout ideas, a few moans and groans and hopefully plenty of progress! Watch this space.


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