Fabulously British weekend away in Cambridge

Weekends away really are lovely, just a few days in a new city seeing some friends is for me, the perfect way to spend it.

On Saturday morning Rory and I travelled down to Cambridge to visit some friends for the weekend. I have never been to Cambridge (I think I went as a child but my memory is somewhat lacking), so I wanted to experience everything I could in the short time I was there. And what a beautiful place to go! Pedestrian friendly, minimal use of cars, cyclists everywhere and lovely fresh air, what could be better?!

Top of my to do list was to go punting on the River Cam with two so called experienced punters we began our trip down the river. A rocky start involving several near misses, and some extremely dodgy manoeuvres, but slowly the boys seemed to get the hang of it. I decided I couldn’t go on the boat and not have a go myself. But wow is it tough, just holding the punt itself was strenuous, attempting to make it reach the floor took it out of me and we had barely moved. I quickly learnt where I should be, with the prosecco…prosecco popped, I sat back down and relaxed on the slow route down the river, occasionally over hearing the guided tours for some insight into the history of the surroundings.
You can’t go to Cambridge without visiting the colleges and looking around all the grounds. The beautiful architectural buildings and impressive estates were wonderful to see and experience. Next on the list was a Cambridge wine bar, because at 2pm on a Saturday what else should you be doing? A great little wine bar which sold tons of wine, gin, rum and so much more. Shelves and shelves of alcohol all at a reasonable price. My kind of heaven.
Cambridge wine bar
For dinner, we booked a table at Wildwood and went back home to have some more drinks and get ready for the evening to come. Arriving perfectly on time we were seated straight down in a lovely booth and given menus. After ordering wine for the table we all began choosing our meals.

In any good Italian, a caramelised onion pizza bread should be ordered. This is such a simple dish but so tasty. We shared between the four of us with the addition of a mediterranean platter including italian ham, salami Napoli, salami Milano, buffalo mozzarella, pesto, olives and warm flatbread. Through the first bottle of wine, we quickly ordered another before the mains came out.

Caramelised onion pizza bread
Mozzarella and garlic, caramelised onion pizza bread – £5.55
Mediterranean platter
Mediterranean platter to share – £11.50
The menu offered a great range of choices, pizza, pastas, salads, and meats; difficult to choose! I was struggling between a duck pizza and a meat calzone, so Rory and I had half and half (such a great decision). The meat calzone was delicious, although not as magnificent looking as the calzone in Stratford (read about it here). It had a nice garlic glaze, a delicious tomato sauce, and an unexpected bit of chilli which just gave it a great kick. Now the duck pizza was a little strange, I don’t think duck really goes on a pizza, it just made me want some pancakes and hoisin sauce (not quite the Italian cuisine).

Meat calzone
Spicy meat calzone (chicken, blognese, meatballs) – £11.25
Hoison duck pizza
Hoi Sin duck pizza – £10.35
Steph ordered a baked chicken and mushroom penne pasta with melted cheese on top, and Jon ordered a peri-peri chicken pizza which both seemed to go down well. Very simple but tasty Italian food, and a great ambiance in the restaurant with candles and friendly waiters.

Baked chicken and mushroom penne pasta
Baked chicken and mushroom penne pasta – £10.85
Peri-peri chicken pizza
Peri-peri chicken pizza – £9.85
Filling up on the mains we decided to skip dessert and have some chocolate back at the house (melting Dairy Milk over Daim ice cream is an awesome idea FYI). Many drinks consumed, and a great deal of chocolate and ice cream finished, we all went to bed.

The next day we had a great breakfast cooked by Jon and Steph, and then once all dressed and ready, we headed out for a lovely walk down to Grantchester Orchard. About an hour walk through fields and some track to the Grantchester Orchard Tea Garden; definitely worth the walk. Once we arrived at the orchard we ordered a large fruit scone with jam and clotted cream with a cup of tea. It being quite a mild day we sat outside and enjoyed the fresh air. This was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend; I will definitely be going back to Cambridge and I am sure there is much more to discover.
Cambridge - Grantchester scones
If you think I missed something about Cambridge which you love, let me know in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed this blog post, like, comment, share and subscribe if you did.
Cambridge - Cheers Wine

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