Bar Lounge in Chester

Christmas. As if it’s already December. Time really does fly as you get older; rarely a moment to sit and relax and think. Today some friends and I went to visit Chester; we had a delicious lunch in Bar Lounge and a lovely walk through the Christmas markets.

Last time we came to Chester we struggled to get into Bar Lounge, so we decided to book, each paying a £10 deposit. Bar Lounge is located in the heart of the city centre; a cocktail bar and restaurant with a large outdoor seating area (perfect for a summers day, not a day as cold as this one though).

We arrived a little early and ordered some drinks at the bar while our table was finished, a random fridge selection which did not disappoint, saving on the pennies I went for a Lilt (forgot how much I love lilt). It still amazes me that restaurants and bars can get away with charging a 50p can for £2.50 but I guess you pay for the glass, ice and large piece of grapefruit right?

After getting our drinks we were took through to our table. The restaurant is lovely, great light coming from a huge deep window in the centre of the room, aluminium style tables, and as a friend of mine pointed out, many things shaped like a pineapple. We had a lovely waiter who showed us the menu and the options available and left us to it.

What a great menu! So much choice, I will definitely being going back to try the Chicado burger. It sounded amazing! A lemon and honey chicken burger, with avocado wrapped in treacle cured bacon (£11). But I decided to have something a little lighter for lunch, I had a small sized (£6) Lemon and Honey chicken super food salad with peach and pickled red onion, with a side of sweet potato fries (£3.50). A delicious salad, perfect size and filled me up nicely. Great range of flavours and the dressing on the salad was divine, thoroughly enjoyed it and the sweet potato fries were great too.

Lemon and Honey Chicken Superfood Salad – £6
Claire ordered a salad as well; she had the Smoked Salmon and Avocado super food salad with lemon crème fraiche (£6), with a side of hummus and bread (£4.50). We decided to share the sides, the hummus was nice enough but nothing incredible, and the pitta was a little thin and crispy for my tastes (it still got eaten though). Claire seemed to really enjoy her salad and as far as I could tell had no complaints.

Smoked Salmon and Avocado Superfood Salad – £6
Three of the girls on the table had roasts (£11.50 with a soft drink included); they did look amazing. I love a good Sunday Roast, with pink beef and all the trimmings, although two opted for a chicken breast. The roasts came with homemade Yorkshire puddings dripping in gravy, tenderstem broccoli, sweet potato and suede mash and other delightful treats. All three, ordered cauliflower cheese on the side (£3.50); this should really be on the side of all roasts right!

Lastly, after much deliberation one of the girls ordered the Allotment Burger. This is a vegetarian burger filled with many vegetables (of which I am unsure) and the main ingredient, a huge slice of goat’s cheese. From what it seemed, this was enjoyed and the goats cheese was delicious, the only problem (and this is not just Bar Lounge, it’s all burger places) is that our mouths just aren’t big enough to fit it all in (insert joke here). You end up having to use a knife and fork which kind of ruins the whole burger idea, but still clear plates all round.

So to wrap up the experience, (wrap up, get it) Bar Lounge offers great service, wonderful food and I happened to have the best company. A great experience at Bar Lounge in Chester and I will definitely repeat it, I would say to book ahead as it gets very busy. Visit their website here and have a look at all the other deals they do through the week.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you get chance I highly recommend Chester, it’s a beautiful place and great bars for all your day drinking needs. Don’t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe.


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