Giovanni’s Delicious Deli Lounge, bon appétit!

Sadly this week I went to review “Almost famous”, unfortunately I will not be writing a review for this place due to the 45 minute wait on our food arriving and the bland overpriced burger. Sorely disappointed and will not be going again.

On a lighter note, I had a delicious lunch just off Piccadilly gardens at Giovanni’s Deli. Giovanni’s is a lovely family run business with a great selection of sandwiches, Panini’s and hot food. Giovanni prides itself on selling “Tasty. Delicious. Homemade.” food and boy does it deliver!

Giovanni’s has huge windows allowing plenty of light into the room, accompanying a nice open space; which made everything seem brighter. A lovely variety of bright yellow chairs, with various indoor plants on each table. Although very quiet, with only one other customer, it was 2pm and a Sunday so I wasn’t too surprised. I imagine the place is heaving on a weekday lunch and so it should be. Giovanni’s had great service, huge choice of food, all at a very reasonable price. As well as offering the usual eat in or takeaway, they also deliver to your home and office.

Giovanni's deli lounge

Working out of the city centre often means my lunch options are limited, without a car I have only a few options. This is one of the reasons I would love to work in the city centre (ignoring the traffic and the vast amount of patience required of course). Lunch is essential for any day, but specifically a workday, I imagine there is nothing better than being able to take a nice stroll down to a local deli and ordering a delicious hot Panini or some soup on a cold winters day.

Let me start with the menu. There was a wide variety of Panini’s and sandwiches such as ham and cheese, tuna melt, mozzarella and pesto etc. As well as these they also offer a “gym fit” menu; egg white omelettes, filled sweet potatoes etc. Brilliant! The deli is located a 30 second walk from the popular “The Gym” making Giovanni’s an obvious choice for a protein boost. Early morning workout; followed by a low-carb and high protein breakfast; the perfect way to start your day.

If Giovanni’s haven’t already, they should look at affiliating themselves with “The Gym”, sending people back and forth would be a great way of linking brands together and building a community (I think that’s the marketer in me coming out here).

Food, food, food; tasty, homemade food

Rory ordered the Chicken Pesto Panini (£4.95) and I ordered the Tuna Mayo Panini (£4.95) both with a side of chunky chips (£2 each). The chicken pesto Panini was fresh chicken breast, with pesto, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. Proper quality ciabatta bread used which makes all the difference, a really great Panini. The tuna mayo was the same, tuna mayonnaise with melted cheese, on soft quality ciabatta bread. The chips were just standard chunky chips, delicious as always. Great sized portions as well, could have easily had a bowl of chips to share.

Giovanni's deli lounge
Chicken and Pesto Panini – £4.95
Tuna mayo panini
Tuna Mayonnaise Panini – £4.95
Chunky chips – £2
*Disclaimer: rant coming…

My only comment would have been the cup of tea I had. I am a huge tea lover, it is the rock to my roll, I couldn’t be without it. A good cup of tea isn’t that hard to make, but every tea drinker has his or her own personal preference. I personally like very little milk with a strong tea bag. The waiter unaware of other tea styles made a tea and poured milk straight in and brought it over with the tea bag still in. This for me is weird. It’s okay if the place doesn’t have teapots etc. But just give me a little jug of milk with the mug and I can do it myself. He didn’t ask whether I even wanted milk let alone how much.

Other than the strange tea, I would highly recommend this place; especially for a quick bite to eat on a lunch break when you just want to get out of the office, or on a Saturday afternoon mid-shopping trip. Brilliant location, great food at reasonable prices; I will definitely be going again! Check out their menu on the website here.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post and I didn’t ramble too much (I could talk for hours just on cups of tea’s, but I won’t). If you like my blog posts please subscribe via email below. I would love to hear your thoughts of Giovanni’s! As always; like, share, comment and subscribe.

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