Alabama’s All American Eatery

Brunch! What a wonderful way to spend a lazy Sunday morning. I definitely think brunch is under-rated; a combination of breakfast and lunch for those days where you wake up later than normal but need food now! Today was one of those days. After staying up late having a mini Harry Potter marathon after a long evening of playing Monopoly (much wine was consumed throughout), we decided to have a lazy morning and head into town.

Last weekend we tried to go to Alabama’s All American Eatery before I caught my train; the wait was too long so we ended up in Costa. This made our decision of where to go a pretty simple one. Arriving around half 10, the woman dressed as a cat (I love companies who immerse themselves in Halloween) said there would be a half an hour wait and she would ring me when our table was ready. Great we thought, having a wander round Manchester, until realising everything is shut on a Sunday at half 10, except good old Primark.

After a very short time the woman rang and we headed back to the restaurant. Wow. What an entrance. Decked top to toe in Halloween decorations, from pictures on the wall to cobwebs on the ceiling. It truly was brilliant (will definitely have to go again near Christmas just to see the display). I have never been here before so I cannot comment on the difference in décor but it seemed like everything was different. A spooky feel but a cosy one all the same. The yellow sofas and friendly staff made you feel very welcome and the place was buzzing with excitement.

Shortly after being seated another cat (popular choice) brought over two glasses of tap water without being prompted. I liked this simple touch, doesn’t cost the company anything but takes away the awkward “please can I have some tap water” conversation. After a lengthy discussion of Rory going from a full English, to waffles we finally decided and sent off our order. I ordered the wild berries with buttermilk pancakes (£6.50 for 3) and a red berry tea (£2.50). Rory finally decided on the Bacon and maple syrup waffles (£8.50 for 5) with a salted caramel milkshake (£5).

Red berry loose leaf tea – £2.50
We sat back and enjoyed the atmosphere while the chef cooked our orders. After watching what felt like everyone get food, (we were pretty hungry) our order arrived. A beautifully stacked pile of buttermilk pancakes topped with a berry compote, Chantilly cream and wild berries. The presentation was excellent! The pancakes themselves were good, though in truth they were a little stodgy, but still tasty. The berry compot was divine, the right amount of sweet and sour, but sadly it was let down by the choice of berries on the plate. I personally would have liked a few blueberries as these offer a slightly duller flavour than the blackberries, which were a little too tart to eat. The Chantilly cream was nice enough but I am not a huge cream fan so a little too rich for my taste buds.

Wild berries with buttermilk pancakes (3) – £6.50
Rory’s magnificent looking milkshake came, heaped in salted caramel oozing over the edge, this was drunk in about 5 seconds flat (Rory doesn’t mess around). The pile of 5 waffles mounted in crispy bacon and maple syrup arrived. The waiter set it down and brought some extra maple syrup (without being asked). The bacon was cooked to perfection; really crispy and smoky. The brunch could have again done with some kind of berry to add a little sharpness to the waffles, but all in all a tasty brunch.

Alabamas All American Eatery - Milkshake
Salted Caramel Milkshake – £5
Alabamas All American Eatery - Bacon waffles and maple syrup
Waffles with bacon and maple syrup (5) – £8.50
After finishing and our plates taken away, we asked for the bill; lots of shopping to do! The bill came in a book (Catcher in the Rye), very edgy and different, but I guess we are in the Northern Quarter. Slightly annoyingly we were charged for “extra maple syrup”, we didn’t mention it as it wasn’t worth the 45p, just slightly annoying that they added extra on for something they gave us rather than something we requested. Another note, we weren’t able to add money to the card payment for a tip, which meant we could only give them a pound due to not having any change. I felt this wasn’t fair for the staff that were all very friendly and did a great job of taking care of everyone.

A delicious start to a lovely day, I will definitely go back to Alabama’s All American Eatery, even if it is just to check out the amazing Christmas decorations, and maybe even to try their lunch menu. Feel free to check out their menu here.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Sunday Brunch, if you have had an experience you wish to share, please comment below. I would love for you to subscribe to my blog; you can do this below or on the homepage. Thanks for reading. Like, share, comment and subscribe!

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