Beef & Pudding’s take on a traditional Sunday Roast

Beef and Pudding sign
Traditional, British Sunday roast is one of my all time favourites. I absolutely love Yorkshire puddings drenched in gravy and succulent, tender beef a little pink. My idea of heaven!

When I first moved to Manchester three years ago I had a horrible fear I would never get to experience a Sunday roast quite like home. Over the years I have gone to many places and although some of have been excellent, they’re never quite as good as home. I highly recommend Beef & Pudding’s traditional British Sunday roast. Two courses for 14.95, which is very reasonable. The restaurant were having trouble with this card machine so it was cash only, with this in mind we ordered our main and dessert together and then went to get cash. Rory and I both ordered the roast topside of beef with all the trimmings (and extra Yorkshires… because you can never have enough Yorkshires!)
Beef and Pudding outside
The restaurant itself is quite modern and a little quirky. There is a great painting of a cow on the back wall, a wire meshed cabinet holding all the wine with motorbike helmets hanging above. Very strange, but didn’t look out of place with the wooded panelled walls and mood lighting. Very clean establishment with great lighting and friendly staff. This is the first restaurant I have been to in a very long time, which has music in the toilets. I love this! I believe there should be music in all toilets, the awkward silence when you can hear someone in the cubicle next to you is never pleasant and always leaves you feeling uncomfortable. This eliminates the awkwardness very quickly.
Cow artwork - beef and pudding
Artwork - beef and pudding
Artwork - beef and pudding
Moving on to the roast to out roast all roasts…. I like the word roast…roast.

What a roast! The beef was tender, succulent and beautifully cooked. It melted in your mouth and had such flavour, whether this was the hangover belly talking or not, it was incredible. The extra Yorkshire puddings were a great move, light, fluffy and delicious filled with gravy, they just hit the spot! The vegetables were tender, a good range of cabbage, broccoli and carrots, allowing me to feel less guilty about the horrendous amount of calories being consumed. A new addition to a Sunday roast, vimto braised red cabbage, which complimented the roast magnificently and tasted delicious. I would happily have that on any roast dinner again! I may even have to have a go at making it myself. The roast potatoes were cooked through but personally I like mine a little crispier. In terms of a great Sunday roast, this smashed it out of the park.
Sunday roast - Beef and Pudding
Sunday roast - Beef and Pudding
The puddings sadly were a little disappointing. I ordered the cheese board, which consisted of 4 crackers, a large portion of jelly and a little bit of blue cheese and some cheddar. To me it really let the whole meal down, don’t get me wrong it was lovely and the cheese and jam on the crackers was delicious but it really was something you would whip up in 2 minutes at home. Rory ordered the chocolate brownie, which clearly had been microwaved, leaving a bitter taste. It was nice enough, but a very small amount and definitely not worth shouting about. The puddings were hence disappointing, which is surprising given the restaurant name; Beef & Pudding.
Cheese board - Beef and Pudding
Brownie - Beef and Pudding
On the whole I would highly recommend the Sunday roast but I would be a bit more reserved on ordering anything else. Extra Yorkshire puddings are a must! The service, although very friendly was quote slow and the desserts which should really only take 2 minutes to prepare, took a good 20 minutes to come to our table after finishing our mains, even though we ordered them at the start. For me this really let the restaurant down, the roast dinner itself was incredible and I would definitely eat it again, but next time I would probably skip the dessert.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review this week, if you have had an experience at Beef & Pudding or know of any restaurants who do incredible Sunday roasts, let me know and ill check them out. I would love for you to subscribe via email to my blog, you will receive an email notification whenever I post, you can do this on the right sidebar. Follow me on instagram for more great pictures of delicious food I eat throughout the week. Thanks for reading 🙂

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