Rooftop terrace, beautiful sunshine, afternoon tea and fizz, bliss!

 Sun, sun, sun. Oh how I love the sun! Living in Manchester, I fast had to get used to the idea of limited sun availability and fast approaching clouds. It did dawn on me when I moved to Manchester that I did not own a raincoat, but this changed pretty quickly. I have found however, that September weather in Manchester is often some of the best, almost like we get a second summer, maybe to counteract the vast amounts of rain all year round.
Rory bought a Wowcher a few weeks back for a prosecco afternoon tea at The Ainscow in Salford. A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, especially with weather as beautiful as this! A short walk down to the hotel, up the lift and out on to the rooftop terrace. Greeted by a lovely woman who took our name, found us a great table in the sun and looked after us.
The Wowcher deal bought was £19 for a glass of prosecco each and afternoon tea, with the option to upgrade to a full bottle for an extra £10. Immediately after sitting down we upgraded to the full bottle (it would be rude not to, right?). Crisp, cold, fresh prosecco sat on the rooftop bar, in full sun, on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This really is the life! Shortly after our arrival, beautiful teacups and saucers were brought out to our table. We were offered hot drinks but chose to enjoy the prosecco and have tea with the food instead.
After some relaxing bubbles the food arrived; a three-tier selection of sandwiches, meringue, brandy snaps, chocolate tart, clotted cream and scones. What a selection! It really was a magnificent display of food for an afternoon tea. A wide variety of sandwiches were offered, my favourite being the tuna mayonnaise, followed closely by the cheese and chutney, Rory however enjoyed the ham and mustard and beef and horseradish sauce. There were plenty of sandwiches to choose from, on both white and wholemeal bread. These went down perfectly with the prosecco.
Now on to the second tier, a great selection of different desserts I have not had in a long time, I started off with the brandy snap filled with clotted cream and raspberries. Wow what a combo! I haven’t had brandy snaps since Christmas and never filled them with clotted cream before, usually squirty cream. It went down perfectly, this was definitely my favourite of this tier! As well as the brandy snaps, there was also a lovely double sided meringue filled with beautifully creamy clotted cream and raspberries, a puff pastry cone with a chocolate lip filled with whipped cream and lastly a rich dark chocolate tart. Double of everything so we both got one each, this really was incredible.
Then we came to the final tier, how we managed to get through both the first and second is worrying, but not that surprising. This tier was scones, homemade from what I could tell, and deliciously sweet. Rory and I had the terribly British conversation of whether you cream then jam or jam then cream, lets be honest we all know you jam before you cream, the way its done in Devon, right!? The scone crumbled in your mouth, it was a perfect balance between sweet and savoury, it went perfectly with a great cup of tea. There really is something about tea in a cup and saucer, even Rory enjoyed it and he doesn’t even drink tea! A perfect end to a lovely afternoon.

Maybe it’s all the prosecco currently in my system but it really was wonderful, the food was amazing, prosecco was beautiful and the sun was the icing on the cake. I would highly recommend the Ainscow, not only on a Wowcher but for the full price as well. I will definitely be going again, hopefully with the sun as well.

Thanks for reading my review post, hope you enjoyed it. If you had an experience at the Ainscow I would love to hear about it, or if you have any recommendations of where I should review next in Manchester leave me a comment below. Feel free to check out my instagram where I upload pictures of all the wonderful places I visit.

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