Over a year ago I went to Prezzo for my friend’s birthday, I had such a great meal, especially the caramelised onion garlic bread to start. I have wanted to come back ever since

This weekend marks the 60th wedding anniversary of my Nanna and Granddad. My boyfriend (Rory) and I took the Friday off work to travel home and celebrate with them. Rory and I took this opportunity to enjoy a cheap meal and get marginally drunk on a school night.  We went to the Prezzo in Deansgate; it’s a great venue, very modern, clean, and has an outside seating area so you can really take in Manchester on a warm summer evening.

The waiter Matteo was really nice; brought tap water to the table without request (always a bonus in my book) and was very accommodating of our needs. Having signed up to the Prezzo mailing list, I received an email with a voucher code for a free bottle of prosecco. You can also get 25% off with a taste card, 2 for 1 with a gourmet society card, and I believe you can get clubcard vouchers too (plenty of deals for the savvy shopper). The best value for money, for minor alcoholics like myself at least, was the Prosecco, so we went with that (decent stuff too!).

The caramelised onion bread was still on the menu; the starter that drew me back originally, so we ordered this along with breaded mozzarella and hummus. The garlic bread was beautiful, I could have eaten it again and again, and it really was perfect. The other starters were tasty and I enjoyed them, but they were pretty basic and I could have had this elsewhere. I would have liked to have thick, soft pitta bread with the hummus rather than thin crispy bread, but this is a taste preference.

Mozzarella in Carrozza
Large Pane Con Cipolla

For mains, Rory ordered the Chicken Milanese: breaded chicken, rocket, tomatoes, and Bella Lodi cheese served with spaghetti in a Bolognese sauce. I ordered something new. I usually go for king prawns on any menu but decided today I would try something else. This was an error on my part. I thought I would try the chicken Gorgonzola pasta, not aware the Gorgonzola was very similar to a strong blue cheese (which is not my cup of tea). Thankfully Rory is very good at swapping dishes with me (I often get food envy) so I ended up having Rory’s delicious Chicken Milanese, which was cooked beautifully and was full of flavour, the only downside being there wasn’t enough spaghetti, it having been replaced with rocket. Rory enjoyed the Gorgonzola (this doesn’t mean much, he likes everything); not his first choice, but he enjoyed it all the same.

Chicken Milanese
Papperdelle Gorgonzola

When I first read the menu I noticed a chocolate cake that sounded epic, I always check the dessert menu before ordering in case there isn’t a dessert I like (unlikely but I can pretend). So I knew I wanted to order pudding, but after having such large starters, a main and all the bubbles I was feeling rather full. Rory and I decided to share the chocolate cake, much to his dismay (he is more of a cake fiend than me). The chocolate cake was delicious; it was very simple and finished with chunks of brownie and vanilla ice cream (given an extra scoop as we were sharing). Although it was lovely, it really wasn’t anything out of this world, it was something I could have easily whipped up and it didn’t taste homemade.

Milk chocolate fudge cake

All in all I really enjoyed Prezzo, the caramelised pizza bread is worth the trip alone. I would next time check what I’m ordering and maybe skip on the dessert and order more bubbles instead. I would say that if you were to pay full price, it would be quite expensive for what it is, but given it’s so easy to obtain a discount, I would say it is good value for money, and definitely a good way to spend a Thursday evening!


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