The King of King Street


Last Thursday I visited Jamie’s Italian, to find out if its title of “The King of King Street” was justified, read on.

The King of King Street, (more commonly known as Jamie’s Italian) is a former bank on King Street which was designated a grade II listed building back in 1974 and has been converted from bank to restaurant keeping many of the magnificent features and fittings, while bringing a more modern look to the décor.

Location, looks and style set Jamie’s Italian up for success; with the food to boot it really is a good restaurant.

I went to Jamie’s to celebrate two occasions; my sister graduating from her Masters and my dad’s birthday, and the setting certainly lives up to its billing. The unique style and design of the building brings life to what really is, at the end of the day, just another chain, I loved all the little detail from the Serrano ham hanging at the bar, to the chamber style toilets. It’s worth a visit even just to see the incredible converted vault.

Jamie’s is a bit pricey in general, though it does offer a very reasonable set menu (3 courses for £18.95), which has plenty of choice so we went down that path. The waiter Marco was wonderful, as someone who has worked in the food industry it’s a breath of fresh air when you receive such great customer service from a waiter. Offering us water before we asked, asking if anyone has allergens, and just being an all round great host! It really does make a big impact when the staff are friendly and make you feel welcome.
Now for the food…

To start with, I ordered a simple tomato and ricotta bruschetta, the ricotta was whipped, making it light and fluffy, not the most exquisite starter but tasty all the same. My sister Claire also had bruschetta, hers was slightly more advanced, named “Primavera bruschetta”, a blend of peas and beans with a hazelnut and pesto really brought the flavour out, and the presentation was great. Unfortunately, the service was slow, the charm and friendliness of the restaurant staff and the great company I was with meant it didn’t matter that much, only my stomach wanted to complain.

Tomato and Riccotta Bruschetta
Cured Meat Plank
Primavera Bruschetta

Mains was an easy choice for me, if there is ever prawns on the menu, 11 times out of 10 I will order them, I absolutely love prawns. I ordered the “famous” prawn linguine which had a rich tomato base with a kick of chilli, wonderfully garlicky prawns and a generous helping of linguine which satisfied all of my prawny desires. I would definitely recommend! Claire had the steak and fries, which she enjoyed, it wasn’t the most unique meal, and quite hard to get wrong, but all the same it was well presented, and perfectly cooked. The boys both had a spicy sausage casarecce (a sausage and fennel Ragu) and from the empty plates (no chance to take a photo!) I would say it was greatly enjoyed.

Prawn Linguine
Italian Steak and Fries
Finally, no matter how full I am, I always have room for a dessert, I believe it goes to a separate stomach where calories don’t count…right?! I ordered the white chocolate cheesecake, and wow…. It was unbelievably good! A crunchy biscuit base with a smooth, creamy top, served with a fresh raspberry coulis, raspberries and an amoretti crumble. I could have eaten it all over again, and again, and again. My boyfriend Rory had the molten chocolate praline pudding, which was served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. A simple combination, but executed well.
Baked White Chocolate Cheesecake
In a nutshell, a great place to visit. It’s a wonderful location with incredible décor, brilliantly friendly staff, and good food. However, for the price you are paying, you expect the experience to be perfect, and sadly it wasn’t quite. I feel with speedier service, and maybe a few small tweaks to the menu, the King really would justify its title. For now though, I would have to say it’s still a prince.
Private Dining Room – The Vault

I hope you enjoyed my blog post on Jamie’s Italian restaurant; I aim to post every Sunday with either a new review or a recipe from my collection. If you have had an experience at Jamie’s, or would like me to review a particular restaurant in Manchester, let me know, any comments are appreciated.

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